Why choose a UKCP-Registered Therapist



Reasons for choosing a UKCP-registered therapist

UKCP's registers hold the details of fully trained, qualified and accountable psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counselors.

UKCP registration is a well recognised kite-mark that helps clients, patients, colleagues and employers make informed decisions about the therapist they choose.

Every therapist on our register is accredited by one of our member organizations and agrees to adhere to:

UKCP's Registration Board is responsible for inclusion upon the register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors, and has a quasi-autonomous status designed to preserve its independence and avoid any conflict of interest.

Therapists do not have to register with UKCP or anyone else, and some well-trained and experienced psychotherapists don't register. However, because therapists don't have to register, anyone can call themselves a psychotherapist. Choosing a UKCP-registered therapist gives you reassurance about their post graduate level of training and qualifications. It also means that they have agreed to follow ethical codes and standards, and to receive continuing professional development